Edgit Pro Gearbox ID Compatibility Page


Edgit Model  #1001

Echo Standard  Models without a T in model #  
Shindiawa T235, 262, T344 Model #1019

Edgit Model #1002

Any Echo with a T in the model# (High Torque models)




Edgit Model  #1025

Stihl FS 91, 111, 131 and new Kombi





Edgit Model  #1027

Stihl FS 90, 94, 110, 130

(Make sure your gearbox looks like this)




Edgit Model  #1056

Stihl FS 56 & 70

(Make sure your gearbox looks like this)




Edgit  Model  #1028

Fits only this Old Redmax gearbox





Edgit Model  #1011

Homelite 3-bolt gearbox

Yardman 3-bolt gearbox

Ryobi 3-bolt gearbox

Toro 3-bolt gearbox

(Other trimmers that have this triangular flange)



Edgit Model #1009

Homelite 4-bolt gearbox