Following The Edge


"Following The Edge" is an integrated training system that teaches trimmer operators to manicure properties in the safest and most productive method.  If you combine the "Following the Edge" manicuring system with the Edgit PRO trimming and edging guide we guarantee increased productivity and safer operations.


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THE LEFT-HANDED PHENOMENON:  Safer and more productive.

Have you ever noticed your trimmer operators walking backwards, sideways or twisting their upper bodies awkwardly when trimming around buildings?  Think about this; if you make someone walk this way all day long he's going to be pretty tired at the end of the day whether he's carrying a trimmer or not.  Try training operators to use trimmers left-handed.


*Tip- train your trimmers operators to use both right and left handed holds while trimming and edging.  Being able to  switch handholds will relieve muscle group fatigue.  This additional flexibility will also help reduce backtracking over ground they've already covered.