• Following the Edge

    “FOLLOWING THE EDGE” “A Lawn Manicuring System”               The following are some procedures and observations on what we believe to be the best methods of handling straight shaft trimmers.              1) Most straight shaft trimmers spin their string counter clockwise.  As a result, when these trimmers are used to trim against a wall, they cut through the grass much more cleanly and efficiently when moved along said wall from right to left.  This forces most right handed operators to either twist their upper body toward the wall or walk sideways or backwards while trimming clockwise around a building.            ...

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  • Why should I buy the EDGIT PRO™ Trimming & Edging guide?

    The EDGIT PRO™ is three tools in one Two major components to any beautifully maintained lawn are perfectly straight, clean edges and precise trimming for all those spots a lawn mower can’t reach. To get that expert look usually requires separate passes with a string trimmer, a blade edger and a leaf blower to clean up. By using an EDGIT PRO™ trimming and edging guide on your straight shaft gas trimmer you can perform trimming, edging and blowing all on the same pass. The unique design of the EDGIT PRO™ allows you to quickly edge while you trim. The large...

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