• Why should I buy the EDGIT PRO™ Trimming & Edging guide?

    The EDGIT PRO is three tools in one

    Two major components to any beautifully maintained lawn are perfectly straight, clean edges and precise trimming for all those spots a lawn mower can’t reach. To get that expert look usually requires separate passes with a string trimmer, a blade edger and a leaf blower to clean up. By using an EDGIT PRO trimming and edging guide on your straight shaft gas trimmer you can perform trimming, edging and blowing all on the same pass. The unique design of the EDGIT PRO allows you to quickly edge while you trim. The large disk serves as a guide to keep the edges laser straight while protecting both the user and property from damage caused by flying debris. The clever design also creates a sufficient draft to blow the cut grass from any pavement as you work. This means you get a trimmer, edger and blower all in one machine!




    Why use an EDGIT PRO?

    Anyone who has ever tried to edge a lawn with a traditional blade edger knows what a time consuming, difficult and dangerous task it is.  One must walk slowly to keep a steady line while staring at the edge and a spinning blade that is prone to shoot rocks and bits of cement out and directly at your face. With the EDGIT PRO you can edge as fast as you can walk because the smooth round guide can ride against the inside edge of any pavement. Trim right under any fence line or obstacle without fear of the line snagging. The design of the EDGIT PRO also acts as a debris guard keeping all the rocks and hard bits away from you and your property. Add in the time saving ability to switch modes between trimming and edging and pile it on top of the fact that you no longer need to purchase a separate machine and it becomes clear that the EDGIT PRO is a real value.


    Benefits of Using EDGIT PRO

    • Cut perfectly straight edges in record time.
    • Design creates a vacuum that stands up the grass so it can be used to mow grass on irregular surfaces.
    • Trim, Edge, Blow or Mow with the same machine.
    • Prolongs string lifespan by protecting the line from fray and damage.
    • Trim under fences and obstacles with ease .
    • Both trimming and edging can be done with the same tool when EDGIT PRO is installed.
    • Produces longer lasting edges.


    Save Time and money with EDGIT PRO!

    Get the professional results you desire without a huge investment in extra time and equipment when you use EDGIT PRO. Turn your powerful gas trimmer into a complete landscape renovation machine with this unique attachment.

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