• EDGIT™ - Curved Shaft

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Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA!

Please check out our compatibility list for this product found HERE.

The EDGIT™ is a new patented guide that fits most curved shaft trimmers with bump feed (tap and go) string heads.

As the EDGIT™ rolls down an edge, the wheel face guides your trimmer's string straight to the edge and holds your trimmer steady as you walk.

You can edge your sidewalks, driveway, curbs and even your mulched beds as fast as you can walk.

The EDGIT™ is faster, easier and much more convenient than bladed edgers, and cost less than half as much as an electric bladed edger.

Your edges will be perfectly manicured and will last longer between mowings.

The EDGIT™ make edging so much fun you'll want to edge every time you mow your lawn.  It installs in minutes and is made of ABS plastic so it weighs only 7oz.

The EDGIT™ is so light and versatile, you can carry it around with you on your trimmer while you trim. Or you can easily remove it and hang it on the garage wall.



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