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Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA!

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The EDGIT PRO™ is a trimming & edging guide for straight shaft trimmers.  It indicates where the trimmer's string is cutting and holds the trimmer's spinning string in the groove.  The EDGIT PRO™'s 14'' disk rolls down the edge like a measuring wheel guiding the string as it cuts a half-inch wide groove.  The EDGIT PRO™ allows a trimmer operator to produce perfect vertical edges on mulch beds, curbs and sidewalks... as fast as he can walk.  It stays on the trimmer all the time.




If you use your trimmers to edge you know how difficult it is to get operators to produce straight, vertical edges at any reasonable rate.  The EDGIT PRO™ solves this problem.  Now anyone can produce perfect vertical edges with their trimmers as fast they can walk.


When used for trimming it stands the grass up as it's being cut while at the same time helping the operator hold the trimmer level.  This allows operators to mow with their trimmers.  It prevents string breakage against chain link fences and is great for cutting under the fence.  The EDGIT PRO™ make your string cut through weeds like a blade while preventing debris from wrapping around the head.  The EDGIT PRO™ is also a superior debris shield for the operator and reduces the chances of broken windows.



Blade edgers require you to cover the property twice, once to trim, then to edge.  This is called "backtracking".  The EDGIT PRO™ allows operators to trim and edge as one process thus covering the property only once.  Your edges will be more distinctive and last longer between mowings.


While trimming, the cutting is taking place below the EDGIT PRO™'s disk.  This reduces the debris thrown at the operator's face while also reducing  broken windows and other collateral  property damage.  During the edging process, the EDGIT PRO™ also acts as a barrier between the operator and the debris production.


Try training operators to use trimmers left-handed as illustrated.  Notice that his arms are straight down in front of him and he's walking straight ahead.  This is, by far, a more productive, as well as safer method of using a trimmer.


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